CC Contracting News

Rolling On

Since the last news update we did, a lot more seems to have happened. We were right about the GPS machine control being referenced as ”our first one”, as about five months ago we took delivery of a brand new CAT312 from Finnings, fitted again with the same machine control functionality. So pleased with this, we have ordered another one too, to be delivered in November.

We have continued to be busy and are very pleased to welcome two new faces to our Management team, as well as a couple of big new customers to our list. We are excited about both and looking forward to the future with them, especially the new guys who we know will be an asset to us and help us maintain our goal of high level customer service.
We are busy on various projects at the moment, having recently completed another slitter line foundation, this time only a 10 metres deep looping pit, but plenty of ground water to complicate it for us.

Over the next few weeks we look forward to breaking ground for a major drainage project in Dorset, whilst we spend the next six months on an exciting new project for a new customer in Evesham.

Last but not least, we are very proud to support the Wasps Premiership Rugby Union Club since their move to the Ricoh in Coventry last year. As well as attending all the home games so far and supporting them, we have also become a player sponsor for their new No. 10 Jimmy Gopperth, whom we expect to be a great point scorer and key man for the team this season.

With Christmas looming ever larger on the horizon, this is the time of year to feel sorry for any poor old cracked concrete yards having to suffer freezing and water penetration. Remember new concrete yards by C C Contracting aren’t just for Christmas…


It’s good to be able to say we finally feel more positive about things. We have had a good strong eighteen months now where we have enjoyed a full order book and enjoyed some exciting projects.
To name a very small few, we have carried out the construction of a new processing plant for the UK’s biggest Cider producer; a company we are proud to say has been a customer of ours for over 20 years now.
We have also recently finished a machine foundation local to us, which was not only a very exciting fast track project, but had us constructing a 12 metre deep looping pit as part of the project. Another fantastic thing to be able to say is that they too have been a customer of C C Contracting’s for over 20 years as well.
This month has also seen the completion of the second water treatment plant we have built for one of Europe’s largest specialist paper producers, again a customer of ours for over 20 years.
Whilst we continue to enjoy repeat business from our loyal customers, we hope that our approach to business is a big part of the reason why.
Having just this week achieved our re-certification of ISO9001 without any issues, due to our systems, our staff’s determination to meet high quality standards, and our forward thinking investment of over £50,000 in what we believe to be the best software available for the Construction Industry.
Perhaps Taylor Wimpey may not have selected C C Contracting to construct the support columns and first floor transfer slabs for two apartment blocks at the amazing Diglis Water development in Worcester, if our approach to business had not been recognised and appreciated.
Just today we have made another substantial investment in advanced Technology for the Construction industry. Following our first step 8 years ago in robotic machine control systems. Today we have purchased the latest GPS surveying equipment and also what we see as our first GPS machine control system for one of our 15 Tonne Caterpillar excavators.
This advanced technology will give C C Contracting another string to it’s bow. The ability to carry out accurate excavation and trenching work, with the benefit of no setting out engineer’s input being required, and automatic “known buried service” avoidance enhancements. We are very excited to think of the opportunities this capability will bring to us and our customer’s alike.
As we have just been awarded the contract to carry out the full construction works for a Hydro Electric power generation plant in the middle of the River Trent, this type of equipment will be ideal to get the project off the ground efficiently.
We think the future looks bright… break out the shades.

Great Summer

It seems that it is always the weather that inspires me to update this page. Anyway, it has been a fantastic few weeks on the weather front now, and touch wood, a good few months on the construction front.
Our (in our terms) massive investment in new software has started to really show the benefits now and enabled us to continue to operate almost as efficiently out of the office as in, which is a great benefit with the lean management style we adopt.
Construction wise we have been busy now for 12 months, and whilst we cannot see into the future, we have to begin to hope now that maybe things are steadying down a bit and we may be able to better plan for the future.
We have started to reinvest in plant having just taken delivery of a 15 Tonne Caterpillar excavator and pensioned an older one off, and also started a 3 monthly programme of Pick-up truck replacements, with the second one having recently arrived and a third by the end of August or early September.
So, let’s enjoy the sunshine whilst we have it, and remember, if you need any of the following then please give us a call:
Machine Foundations, Factory or Warehouse New Builds or Extensions, Concrete Yards, Drainage, Car Parks

Summer Coming ?

The good old British way – talking about the weather rather than the construction business climate.
But come on – what has happened to the weather. Such a beautiful start to the year, then April happened and May has got a fight on it’s hands now to show who’s boss.

However, whilst the weather has been miserable, things seem to have taken a slight turn for the better when it comes to the order book.

I am not sure if it is backed by the strength of the almost killed off motor industry now thriving in this country, but there seems to be some growth in the steel industry which has resulted in good projects for us. Slitter lines and blanking lines being installed must be a sign of confidence; considerable investment is being made in our manufacturing sectors. We have just had another enquiry for one today, whilst we have only just finished the construction of one and today begun work on a much larger one that will be a three to four month project.
Work in other sectors seems to have picked up as well, with distribution still providing a good workstream.

Feeling a little more confident in the climate, but not busting with anticipation, we have made a significant investment in new software to further help in streamlining our operations and assist in the maintaining of the ISO9001 standard we recently achieved.

Great times ahead, I think not, but maybe a marginal shift in the right direction if we are lucky. We still think we need to look eighteen months ahead yet for better times, but that is pure speculation. Oh for crystal balls….

What a Year

These certainly are the most uncertain times for a lot of companies, and none more so than for our sector of construction. Whilst we have experienced a busy quarter year to the end of October, the crystal ball is still unclear for the future. If we were asked to identify our customer base, we would in some ways struggle.
Recently we seem to be “doing a bit” for various sectors; residential,automotive, retail and industrial. However it is hard to see each week where the next order will come from.
We are about to go headlong into a large ICF build project which is an interesting build concept, relatively new to this country, but steadily gaining popularity – it will be good to monitor the progress and be able to evaluate the system hands on.
We have been tremendously lucky with the weather, still relatively dry at the beginning of November. Our two week Christmas shutdown is rapidly approaching – who knows what weather we can expect in January and February, and whether it will be conducive to outdoor construction.
Let us hope for some more indoor machine foundation orders for the New Year.
Come on the Steel Industry – time to invest in new slitters and presses and let us construct the foundations.

Power Floated Floors

Having just serviced our laser controlled concrete placer we are gearing up to run it next week to quickly put the new floor slab into a Morrisons Supermarket in Wisbech. Once this is done we will be on the look out for some large floors to pour to put it through its’s paces again. Whilst the workload has picked up through the last couple of months, we could do with laying more floors than we have done of late.

Another Fast Turnaround

Due to an amazing effort by our Contracts Manager Wayne, and all the lads on site, we have fulfilled our role in completing the construction of escalator pits, a lift pit and extensive foundations for the conversion of a retail store in one of Birmingham’s major shopping centres. The work was completed in just five days, incorporating night and weekend working to meet a very tight programme. This leaves the store ready for the installation of a mezzanine and full fit out by others. We shall now return to the front of the shopping centre and continue work on the new Harvesters restaurant.

Torquay Final Phase Complete

Following a massive effort from the C C Contracting site teams, we managed to successfully complete this project in record time. The foundation and floor element involved three very large concrete pours with rapid progression of preparation work between each one. The final day was a 190 cubic metre concrete pour to the floor slab, assisted by our own laser screed and a 48 metre pump from Bristol.

The Alps Are Done …

The Alps Challenge 2011 proved to be as tough or tougher than we had imagined. Despite some very cold wet weather at the beginning, we managed it. Thank you to everyone who supported us – we have very nearly reached the £10,000 target we hoped to achieve for the Wooden Spoon. Now we have to decide what next Year’s challenge will be…

CCC Pick Up Final Phase at Torquay

C C Contracting Ltd. have picked up the final phase of ground works for Stacey Construction at the prestigious Torquay elderly care village site. This phase sees the construction of a 100 metre long 3 metre high retaining wall to enable the construction of foundations and ground floor slab for the final residential apartment block. The site is challenging, set as it is on a steep incline, making access difficult.

The architect has made the most of the setting and the finished apartments will have spectaculer views across Tor Bay however to achieve this C C Contracting’s experience was required to fulfil the exacting specifications. You can see pictures taken from earlier phases in the development on our projects page.