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The C.C. Contracting story

Three Seas was founded in 1988 by Chris Child as a sole proprietorship. His son Peter Child was invited to join the business in 1989, moving from a mechanical engineering background, with a view to growing and expanding the business together for the future. C.C. Contracting Ltd. was then incorporated in 1992 as the business began to grow and moved to new offices in Stourbridge. Based in the Black Country C.C. Contracting started out by servicing the construction needs of the local industry.

Since 1992 C.C. Contracting has continued to steadily grow relying very heavily on their skilled and dedicated workforce and strong repeat customer base. It has always been the ethos of the company to look after it's employees and customers alike and offer the best service we can at a fair price. Peter Child has been at the helm for over 20 years now, the ethos and working practices remain the same and the company is extremely proud to have employees that have been with us for over 20 years and customers for more than 30 years.

Whilst the business has seen challenges such as the credit crunch and the more recent Covid pandemic, it has always maintained the strength to survive. Working nationwide has been a major part of the steady growth of the business and as the industry declined in the Black Country, we opened doors in other areas and spread our wings to offer our services throughout England and Wales.

Over the years we have always tried to be early adopters of new plant and technology and are great believers in the importance of systems and accountability. Our financial systems, whilst simple are robust and our in house developed software systems leave most “off the shelf” options looking second rate.

We are fortunate to not require a sales team and again pride ourselves on the repeat business we get from our steadily and ever increasing loyal customer base, whom we are forever grateful for, but never take for granted. 

Our skills and abilities are wide ranging.  From designing and constructing very complex machine foundations, to building factories that have benefitted from our design input.  Our projects vary in size from £1,000 to £10,000,000 and everywhere in between.  We relish this as it allows us flexibily in allocating our retained workforce and gives us a healthy variation to keep our staff agile.

The third generation of the Child family started their careers here in the last few years too.  Luke Child who joined us to develop our new software systems and is now continuing with that venture and Matthew Child who is in his second year as a valuable site gang member and hoping to work his way up the ladder to possibly take the reigns from Peter in the future.  In the meantime Peter's wife Nikki also undertakes a vital role in the business keeping our systems in check and making our ISO compliance straightforward for us.

Alongside Peter Child is Co-Director Alan Holt.  Alan has been with the company for many years now, joining as a young Contacts Manager and soon working his way up to Director.  Alan looks after a large proportion of the production side of the business now and on the theme of a family business, his wife Alison also joined us a few years ago as our Health and Safety officer.  We are proud to have a history of father and son gangs working for us and also that the vast majority of our skilled and dedicated workforce have been with us for ten or twenty years or more.  One of our current foreman is in fact the grandson of our first ever permanent gang foreman from 1989.

C.C. Contracting remains a family business with service at it's heart and hopes to be around, operating in a similar manner for many years to come.  Why not give us a try if you relish the idea of a smoothly run project completed on time and to budget and without the word “extras” being part of the general vocabulary.