Attenuation units ready for installation

Drainage and Waste Management

Let C.C. Contracting advise and assist when it comes your needs. From specification through to construction we can solve your drainage and waste management problems.

You may have environmental needs to install interceptors to capture pollutants. You may have ponding problems in your concrete yards that require drainage solutions. Have you the need for attenuation as part of a development project? You may simply have blocked or collapsed drains that need surveying and rectifying accordingly. C.C. Contracting can offer a solution to all of these needs or problems - contact us if you think we can be of assistance.

Attenuation system under construction

We offer solutions to all your drainage needs.

Adjusted drainage in tight space for restaurant
Large in-situ duct chamber
Duct chamber under construction
Inspection chamber

We construct all types of waste storage areas and bunds to meet a range of requirements to cover different industry requirements. You may have pressure from insurers to bund fuel storage tanks, or the need to store chemicals that must be free from the risk of spillage or you may have specific requirements imposed on your project by the Environment Agency.

From watertight, chemical-resistant structures, internally or externally, to simple high integrity bund walls, give C.C. Contracting a try at providing a competitive solution to any storage or processing area, construction needs or watertight structures you may require.

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