DGM Growers offices and chilled storage facility

DGM Growers

DGM Growers Ltd. - New Production Facility - Holbeach, Lincolnshire

We were engaged by DGM Growers, part of the giant Fresca Group, to carry out the complete Design & Build of their new production facilities. Their initial approach had been to request we refurbish their existing facilities to bring them up to a better standard.  Having been operational for many years, out of buildings that were not purpose-built, the site was tired and desperately in need of a refresh.

After first appraisal we concluded that the client would be better off building brand new premises in another area of their large site, allowing the original facilities to be later demolished and the land sold off for housing which was more in keeping with the location.

Being complete new facilities it would be much simpler to build in full, then move in, rather than suffer the upheaval of refurbishment.  Also, the premises will be purpose-built, creating a much more efficient environment.

Work started on site at the end of November 2018 and was completed in October 2019.  The £4.0 million project saw four new buildings go up for vertical growing, packaging, storage, offices and welfare facilities for the staff.



Dec '19