Slitting line on specialist machine foundations

Machine Foundations

C.C. Contracting retains a wealth of experience in the construction of a wide range of machine foundations from complex multi-plateau machine foundations to deep conveyor or looping pits.

The specific technical requirements for machine foundations require specialist skills and knowledge which we have built up over decades in the industry. Our workforce rise to the challenge of more complex projects and our combined knowledge delivers cost effective results for even the most demanding requirements.

Long reach assisting deep looping pit excavation

With decades of experience we have tackled dozens of technically challenging projects.

Machine foundations under construction
Precision machine foundations ready for installation
Slitting machine with deep looping pit
New machine foundations added to an existing building.

We are able to assist in the design stage of a new project, if required, or work to customers' own designs and drawings. In the past we have helped to develop technical drawings where machinery needs to be relocated and the original specifications are no longer available.

In the West Midlands, where we are based, we have customers who have been returning to us for decades confident in the knowledge that our work is the best. However, we carry out this type of work all over the country for a range of industries.

Case Studies