Loading bays for new Primafruit facility in Eveasham.


Primafruit Ltd. - Chilled Produce Warehousing and Packing Facility - Evesham, Worcestershire.

Primafruit was looking to greatly expand an existing chilled produce warehouse, processing and packing facility after winning a new contract with a top UK retailer. Having started down the well established route with an architect led project, C.C. Contracting Ltd. were able to show the client how they could benefit from a design and build approach, not only to save them time and money, but also to keep them more involved in the design process of their new facility. 

Our Design & Build solution saved them a significant sum, giving them the opportunity to add extra facilities and still remain within budget. The project in Evesham, Worcestershire was a complete success, completed on time and on budget. As well as creating thousands of square feet of storage and production space, it also provided entirely new welfare facilities for their staff and a fantastic training space for use by the client and their customers.

The project was completed in May 2016 after just 45 weeks on site and at the time was the largest we had ever undertaken. As a result of the success of this project we negotiated an £8.5 million phase two extention which we began in May 2018 and completed in June 2019.



Jun '19

Phase 2 of this Primafruit facility was completed in July 2019.