GrowUp vertical farm near Sandwich, Kent

GrowUp Farms

GrowUp Farms Ltd - Vertical farm and packing facility - Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent.

C.C. Contracting were delighted to secure the contract to build this new facility at Discovery Park near Sandwich in Kent. Pepperness is the first large-scale, vertical farm for London based, GrowUp, their largest facility to date and their first outside London.

It was important to GrowUp to use a brownfield site and we took the site from that state right through to construction of the purpose-built, steel-framed building to house the state-of-the-art, controlled-environment, vertical farm which provides the equivalent of 1000 acres of Grade 1 farmland. GrowUp's desire to minimise their carbon footprint is further enhanced by the on-site renewable energy at Discovery Park which also drives down the costs of vertical farming.




Dec '22

C.C.Contracting are a fantastic partner for GrowUp Farms. We have used C.C.C for a wide range of projects across the UK and they have shown their ability to meet critical timelines and follow budget forecasts accurately.