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Completed Projects

New Warehouse Facility Completed on Schedule

  • Client: Acerinox
  • Location: Darlaston
  • Project: Warehouse and Offices
Acerinox. Acerinox Acerinox Acerinox Acerinox

Once Acerinox, a huge international Stainless Steel company, had secured the purchase of a site next door to their UK facility in Darlaston, West Midlands, they turned to C C Contracting to discuss the building of their new warehouse. We pointed them in the right direction for the design and then undertook the full ground remediation and construction of the 50,000 square foot warehouse, with overhead crane and three storey offices.

The work comprised the drilling and grouting of mine workings and the vibro compaction of the ground before construction could start. As well as the warehouse and offices, we also had to construct a 4 metre high 100 metre long retaining wall and ramp, to give articulated lorry access from the new site to the existing site which sits at the lower level.

This is not the first project we have undertaken for Acerinox having previously constructed several complex machine foundations. In fact, since the new warehouse was completed, we have designed and constructed a new slitter line foundation in the existing warehouse, which required a trip to Milan to measure up the machine. The trust that has built up between our two companies during a very good 10 year working relationship means it is always a pleasure to do work for Acerinox.


Water Treatment Plant cuts costs for Smurfit

  • Client: Smurfit
  • Location: Birmingham
  • Project: Water Treatment Plant
Smurfit water treatment plant. Smurfit water treatment plant. Smurfit water treatment plant. Smurfit water treatment plant. Smurfit water treatment plant.

Smurfit appointed Veolia to design and install a new Water Treatment plant for their site at Nechells in Birmingham. The system now fully operational saves Smurfit a considerable amount of money through a huge reduction in their trade effluent discharge.

Once they had appointed Veolia to supply and install the equipment, they turned to C C Contracting to carry out all the piling and construction work for the bunded structure, which houses several very large tanks with significant foundations. The project was a complete success and we were very pleased to be involved. We have worked at this site for many years now, undertaking all sorts of different projects, and we were very happy that they turned straight to C C Contracting when this major project was announced.


Enabling works for large residential units.

  • Client: Stacey Construction
  • Location: Torquay
  • Project: Retaining Walls and Foundations
torquay. torquay torquay torquay torquay

When Stacey s were under pressure to meet a very quick program to construct two large residential units on the cliff side in Torquay, they turned to C C Contracting to carry out the enabling works comprising large retaining walls and building foundations.

The site and the timescale were both tight, but our dedicated workforce met the challenge by working seven days a week to achieve the goal. This was the second project for Stacey s and we look forward to working together on similar projects in the future.


Extension to Morrisons Supermarket.

  • Client: Princebuild Ltd
  • Location: Hastings
  • Project: Supermarket extension
morrisons. morrisons morrisons morrisons morrisons

CC Contracting were employed by Princebuild to carry out the civil engineering works to extend a WM Morrisons store, whilst the store remained trading.

We carried out the groundworks package as well as the RC package, for which we were commended by WM Morrisons, for the high standard of our shaker topped, power floated floor.

The main priority for the client was to ensure the store and its customers were unaffected in any way by our work, which was a challenge to say the least. We completed the work on time, on budget and were delighted when the client described our work as of the to the highest standards they had ever seen.


Deep looping pit with limited access.

  • Client: Caparo
  • Location: Birmingham
  • Project: Slitter Machine Foundations
slitter. slitter slitter slitter slitter

We were engaged by Caparo to undertake the design and construction of a slitter foundation for them at their site in Oldbury. The job's big challenge was to construct a small, but very deep, looping pit for the centre of the line.

The bit which was no bigger than a snooker table on plan, had to be 7 metres deep. To add to the difficulties, we were alongside a canal, had less than 4 metres headroom above us in the factory and the ground conditions were appalling during the project. The water table was only one metre down and the ground was running sand. Despite many challenges during construction, the project was completed safely and successfully.


Retaining wall and car park extension for Lidl Supermarket.

  • Client: Lidl Supermarkets
  • Location: Coalville
  • Project: Retaining Wall
lidl. lidl lidl

Complex ground works were required to provide a long term solution to a prexisting problem with subsidence.

Very limited space and buildings imediately adjacent to the site made this a very challenging job which required a great deal of planning. Throughout the job it was vital that disruption to Lidl's customers was kept to an absolute minimum as the shop remained open throughout the works.


Toyota car park extension.

  • Client: Toyota Dealership
  • Location: Stockport
  • Project: Car park extension
Toyota car park extension. Toyota car park extension. Toyota car park extension.

We were engaged by a third party to carry out the final design and construction of a large gabion retaining structure and car park extension to the rear of their site in Stockport. The ground was a steep and overgrown embankment leading down to a stream at the bottom.

We cleared all vegetation and finalized a design which accounted for the vibro compaction of the wall's foundation, around a public sewer that ran beneath one section of the wall.

Environmental considerations with the live stream together with the safety issues of working at height above the water, gave rise to various constructions issue on the way. We are very proud of the finished wall considering the construction restraints, and the client now as a substantially larger car park.